Transcona Piping & Drumming Competition

June 5, 2015 at Kern Park on Whittier Ave. (just off Day St.) the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band will be hosting a competition.  We have been asked to be their guests and do a 2 hour demonstration of the Highland Games.  We gladly accepted this invitation, and are looking forward to a good warm up event prior to the Manitoba Highland Gathering on June 20 in East Selkirk.

We will be on the field from 11am-1pm on June 6th.  Be sure to come on out and say HI!!  We will be allowing some members of the crowd to try some of the implements to see what it feels like to throw these things around for a few hours.  If you are interested in trying some of the weights, you must be wearing appropriate footwear (no sandals), and under MACS supervision.

We will have a booth set-up as well selling our T-shirts and handing out some upcoming event info sheets.  Please do not litter the park with our flyers.  As always, we look forward to seeing and talking with you all.

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